By the creators for the creators

Exclusive community of collectors focused on acquiring stellarpieces of generative art

Through that basic mission we aim to build a community of likeminded collectors, support artists, as well as onboard traditional art collectors into the world of digital collectibles.

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To join StellarsDAO you have to hold a membership. The membership gives you access to our private Discord, access to the steering committee and other incentives created for our DAO members.



Our Mission

We at StellarsDAO believe in empowering creators. 


What is StellarsDAO?

StellarsDAO is a community focused on acquiring “stellar” pieces of art and other NFT assets with a particular interest in generative art. We aim to support new and established artists in NFT space.

You can join StellarsDAO by minting or purchasing a membership from the secondary market.
By minting or purchasing a StellarsDAO membership you’re contributing to a treasury and becoming a member of StellarsDAO and getting all the members’ benefits.
There are only 1,000 StellarsDAOmemberships.
Owning a StellarsDAO membership does not come with fractional ownership of the StellarsDAO stellar art collection.
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